Here I am…

Blarney: n. Smooth flattering talk. Deceptive nonsense.  Or to some: The Stone of Eloquence. Kiss it and you’ll never be lost for words. *sigh* But those of us toiling in the written word perhaps need more than a stone to kiss. I wish it were that easy. I recently posted a quote on my real self’s Facebook page about writing by Walter Wellesley Smith: “There’s nothing to writing.  All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” It feels like it. Yep, even for me, the “smut peddler” or the “chick-porn” writer. I write erotic romance, not smut, not chick-porn. Smut is a relative term and “chick porn” is the DH’s way of getting out of reading my work. I get so many different reactions when I’m asked about my writing, from raised eyebrows, nervous giggles, or my personal favorite—an invitation to dinner.  But I digress. I’m saving that for a later blog. 

Now, here I am, starting this blog to expand my marketing platform.  I’ve sold my first novella to Red Sage Publishing, Inc., and I’m waiting for its release this fall. So as I continue to write (one of the tenets of publishing is to keep writing, keep the career humming and fresh) I’m broadening my promotional opportunities.  *blink, blink* I’d rather open a vein. 

My first reaction to the self-promo was: “WTF do I know about promotion?!! I whined to critique partners and mentor authors who shook their heads in commiseration or patted my head and said, “Use the force young, Jedi.” Hmm, is the “force” blarney?  


Well, hell! 

No, I’m hearing all this blogging blarney is a force in itself in a marketing sense. Book reviews, author forums, and interviews sell books. Or at the very least blogging provides a vehicle through which an author, like MOI, can spark some interest, capture readers’ attention, show my voice, display my creativity, and hype my writing skills. 

“But I thought that was the whole point of writing my stories!” Stubborn-me still whined. 

“No, no, no.” the wise ones persisted. “You need to put your profile, your brand, your ass out there so the readers know who you are. Make your name known, Grasshopper, for no one else will do it for you.” 


So here it is folks.  Creating a blog for marketing reasons might seem like a load of blarney, but because I’m a writer and a woman, it makes perfect sense. Writers write and women talk. This blog is about writing, about women and what woman talk about. I love men! Men are more than welcome. I look forward to their spicing up and adding their interesting perspectives to conversations. Just be warned, I’ll talk about ya…a lot. 

I’m planning on having fun with this blogging thing, so expect naughty-guilty-pleasure stuff, just short of hedonism.  *I love that word* Oh, and I might throw in some blarney as well.