Romance as Fertilizer?

Within the last five years, I’ve been trying to argue that romance is fiction. I guess feeling bereft of it for so long, I’ve grown bitter and jaded.  

…very bitter.

Never mind why I still cry at the sappiest romances. I’m programmed—

yes, this is denial!

Definitions declare romance as:  an ardent emotional attachment; an expressive and pleasurable feeling from an emotional attraction to another; an emphasis on emotion rather than libido.

Hmm, what’s the common thread here?  EMOTION! So romance is the emotional part of relationships.  Like if a man tells you he loves you, he’s being romantic, right?

“No.” says a friend. “…it’s how he says it; that’s the romantic part.”

Ah, I think I understand.  Universally, most women place more importance on emotional attachments, at least in theory, so men need to feed into that. Some men may feel the necessity to wax romantic when their pure, innate desire is in simply getting laid. These very smart men see the importance in presenting a bouquet of flowers, spontaneously texting a compliment, or cooking a favorite dish.  They will be rewarded.

It happens.

Okay, so if we do the math, couple + romance = happy sex?





Hmm, no.  I was never any good at math. 
There’s so much more to it, like trigonometry, only simpler.  Let’s try biology instead… What happens to a plant when you don’t nourish it?  

It dies.

Romance is the water, sunshine and fertilizer you give your ROMANTIC relationship.

It’s a powerful thing. Like Miracle Grow!

Is romance important to you?  I’d love to hear your perspective.


2 thoughts on “Romance as Fertilizer?

  1. sockerjo says:

    Well I’m no writer so I can’t really add to what you’ve already written, but I do agree with every word, if that counts !

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