Coasting Through Limbo…

I’m about three months too late with a blog post.  I was planning on a regular monthly blog. It’s not that I sold my house, separated from my husband of 18 years, or had to find someplace decent for my daughter and me to live OR anything.

ImageWait…oh, that did happen.

The separation took quite a little over two years.  I think I Shanghaied the poor guy and it took him that long to realize I wasn’t kidding when I said I think it was probably a good idea.  With our economic situation so closely in tune with the nation’s, we were forced to deal with it until we could sell the house.

I loved that house.



We finally did sell it after only about a combined 7 or 8 months on the market after an initial attempt the previous year. That was a good thing, but for some reason it took a while for the buyers to secure a loan. Taking a bit longer than expected threw me off, I guess.  I had about two weeks to find somewhere else to stay once we’d closed. Living in a wonderful village with a great school for our daughter, it was imperative that she and I stay.

Unfortunately, I fell in rebound love with a condo…a short sale.  Ugh!  If anyone knows anything about them, why couldn’t you tell me to run screaming from the dang darned thing? Now, we wait, my daughter and I.Cooped up in this okay apartment

with crappy downstairs neighbors who could give Honey Boo Boo and her family

a run for their cable network money. Image

Oh, it’s been an experience. One, I’m sure to look back on one day and laugh—just not today. So there you have it folks.

I’m happy to say that I’m writing again.

I pulled out an old manuscript, dusted it off and starting revising. It’s been too long and I want to get back up on that horse. Look out, here I come!